• Oregon Fishing Forum
    • OFF is a great resource for Oregon fishing information, and I am proud to be a member. Whether you long for trout, bass, salmon, steelies, or even carp you will find tons of info here and great people.
Where to buy stuff!
  • BC Angling Post
    • BC Angling Post is a tackle supply store in Gladstone, OR that carries everything a crafter of spinners needs. When I first started making spinners this was my first stop. The staff were super helpful and got me kitted up, and making great spinners in no time. They also offer classes but the drive was a bit much for me.
  • Fisherman's Shack
    • Another great place for master and budding spinner crafters alike. They have an especially good selection of great blades. If you like your blades abit heavier this is definitely the place to look. They offer all the colors and finishes in .025" all the way down to size 0, .032" is available down to size 3. They also have some of the best torpedo bodies around. If you head in be prepared to spend some time swapping great fish stories.
  • Hogg's Jo/Mar Hardcore Tackle
    • A great shop in Hillsboro with great fishing stories. They started pretty specialized for tuna fishing but have since branched out to scratch your salmon and steelhead itch. Along with some spinner components they have a nice selection of jigs, jig heads, and yarn. 
  • River City Fly Shop
    • I can't say enough about this place. When I wanted to really start fly fishing I went and saw Don. Don hooked me up. He was patient, answered questions, shared stories, gave advice, and stayed open past closing while we worked out how to get me on the water within my meager budget. When I started tie'n I went and saw Don. If you need material will find it there. The best part is getting to ask questions and getting experience based answers. If you just want to fish them instead of tie em, he's got you covered there too. 

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