Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Year of the Fly

What the heck happened to me? I could put all the normal stuff here about why it's been two years. I'm not going to though.

The first year of my hiatus, 2012, was the year of the fly. The fly finally caught up to me. Then it ate me. I received a small bonus at work and the Domestic Goddess said I should spend it on some fishing stuff. I had a pretty good stock of spinner bits. I also had a head swimming with conjured images. Images of trout slaming dry flys. Images of graceful loops unfurling over sparkling water. I drove over to the fly shop.

I walked into River City Fly Shop and stepped into danger. I had money to spend. I did not know what I needed. My ignorance was armed with powerful conviction. A certainty something there would fling open doors to an epic new vista. All I had to do was find, and buy it. Thankfully Don is a standup guy. He took the time to talk to me, and answered a ton of questions. I shared my meager budget and he helped me get the most I could with what I had. In the end I walked out with, an Echo Solo 6 Wt, Echo Ion 6/7 reel, backing, flyline, two leaders, tippet material, waders, and wading boots. Everything I needed to start my addiction priced to keep me out of the dog house.  

The rest of the year was spent learning my new tools. My spinner gear sat out the rest of the spring and trout season. Thread, fur, and yarn began replacing beads, clevises, and bearings on my hobby bench. Brass blades gave way to feathers. My trusty guide pliers, and flush cuts turned into bobbins, whip finishers, hackle pliers, and a vise. New authors showed up on my shelves, Davis making room for Huges and Gierach.