Thursday, January 12, 2012

Water Less Fished

I started fishing for two major reasons. Chiefly was so that Littlefisher and I could get out of the Domestic Goddess's hair. You see back in '10, when this all started out, Littlefisher and I were around the homestead a lot. I was growing a tech consulting business, and the DG was starting to homeschool Littlefisher. The nature of the service I provide allowed me to work from home alot. With Homeschool in full swing and me home a good part of everyday we were all struggling for "off" time. As a solution DG got Littlefisher and me basic spinning gear setups, a fishing license, and a season pass for Hagg Lake. Secondly, I really enjoy being out in the forests and exploring the world. I grew up in a dry stretch of eastern Oregon. Trees were something that grew near the rivers, around farm houses, and in town. Everything else is covered in fields, what can't be farmed is carpeted with sage brush. Water was confined to reservoirs, irrigation ditches, and sparse rivers. Some people really like the desert hills and dry canyons where I grew up. I can understand their attraction, but tall trees, mountains, and a little creek in every draw is where it's at for me. Littlefisher thankfully shares my enthusiasm for searching out "new dirt" and the freedom of sparsely tread places.

Now I arrive at the point, my quest for "Water Less Fished". In the beginning I shunned other anglers from embarrassment. I had fished in boy scouts and enjoyed it, but stopped after moving on from scouting. In those early fishing expeditions of '10 I was a complete noob again. My time was divided between the unholy knots that appeared on my reel, untangling my gear from various bank obstacles, doing the same for Littlefisher, and precious little time actually fishing. Wild hail mary casts propelled my line nearly to a point I could reach by just chucking the whole mess; rod, reel, and line into the lake. With research and practice my form improved. At the close of the '10 season I also upgraded our gear as Littlefisher and I pushed past our starter kit.

Last season I was comfortable in the company of others. However, I discovered I didn't really care for the types of fishing done in close company with one exception. To me working a section of bank with several other fellows means one of three things. Bait fishing off the bottom, bobber and jig/bait fishing from the top, or working the same water over and over with lures. The first two involve a lot of sitting on a rock/chair/bucket waiting for fish. They are a good way to kill an afternoon with friends and beer unless the fish are REALLY biting. The third seems like gathering up little pebbles of futility until the pile obstructs your view of the fun. The one exception is fishing from a boat. In my mind anything involving a boat is worthy of doing and having others along only makes it better.

Over the last season Littlefisher and I discovered a number of places that we had mostly to ourselves. In all the fishing we did I can count on one hand the number of times anyone was within sight. I thought it would make a great feature for the blog to put up information about these places. A locale review of sorts, for out of the way fishing.

When I began this post a few days ago I was all gung ho. Yesterday my ardor faded somewhat. A thread on a forum I follow got a bit heated when the original poster mentioned the stream where he found success. Some criticized the poster for revealing the stream, fearing his report would bring a horde of the uncouth to ravage the area. I've pondered both points of view and I have decided to proceed. Look for my first "WLF" article in the next few days. Hopefully the kind of people attracted to the places I am will share or surpass my respect for these places. 


  1. They do.. intersted to see what you say.

  2. I don't fish your area, but I respect an honest angler who realizes that there aren't many places to fish that people don't already know about. Mostly those days are past. I enjoy reading and seeing where my fellow fisherman and bloggers fish.