Friday, December 30, 2011


A forum member at OFF posted some interesting info today. Apparently every 4 years the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife solicits proposals for fishing regulations from anglers.

This cycle they are doing things abit differently. They have created a 5 step process for the overhaul of the 2013 regs, with each step having a specific time window.

Step 1 started in October and ends tomorrow, it was the time ODFW and OSP staff had to create and submit their own proposals for consideration.

Step 2 starts in January 2012 and concludes the end of February. In step two the public is invited to create and submit proposals for review. Information on everything needed to submit a proposal can be found here. Further, if you are lucky enough to live on the East side of the state, meetings are scheduled to provide more information on putting together proposals. There will be one in Ontario 1/5/12 and Burns 1/12/12, times and locations can be found here.

Step 3 is proposal review by ODFW staff and will occur from January to March 2012.

Step 4 will occur in May 2012 and includes public meetings to solicit comments on the proposals that passed the review process. A PDF of the current schedule can be found here. Each of the meetings covers a particular zone so you might attend more than one depending on where you fish.

Concluding in Step 5, the Fish and Wildlife Commission will preview the proposed changes August 5th in Salem, and adopt the changes September 1st in Seaside.

An overview of the whole process can be found here.

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